Work with an expert who can provide you with consultation, regarding the financial model of a PV development

An investor must be aware of the amount required to invest in a photovoltaic park development for the specific capacity of power known as Megawatt (MW).

In addition an investor must become aware that the costs are reducing due to technological advancements. In Abio Greenergy we know exactly which road to follow to avoid any unnecessary costs.

Work with an expert who can provide you with the ideal Land and Location for the development of a PV Park.

Choosing the right Land is a huge dot when creating a Photovoltaic Park. In Abio Greenergy we connect every dot. An investor must be aware that:

  • First, the Land should be ideal for the development and installation of a Photovoltaic Park (assessing the solar potential of the land).
  • Second, the Land should have a potential of connecting to the power grid.

Work with an expert in the development of photovoltaic parks to ensure an efficient design

The design of a Photovoltaic Park is one of the most important factors to take into consideration and pay attention while developing a Photovoltaic Park.

The more efficient is the design of the park, the less land is required to produce one Megawatt.

Our strategic partners have a long reputation on the market of creating the most efficient PV Park designs in Cyprus.

Work with an expert that has successfully navigated the permitting process before. Work with a partner that has made alliances with the communities.

Photovoltaic Parks fall under the regulation of numerous governmental agencies, CERA EAC, Town Planning and more.

With our reputation and experience on the market we managed to have the right contacts to assist our partners in best way possible from the first to the last step of developing a Photovoltaic Park.

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    The Reward of investing in Photovoltaic Parks far outweigh the risks.

    The future shows that the solar power sector will grow at a steep rate.

    Research shows that, It could well be that by 2030, solar will have become the most important source of energy for electricity production in a large part of the world