Development and Maintenance of large scale Photovoltaic Parks

Our Company contains a portfolio of Photovoltaic Parks both under operation and under construction. With years of experience in the sector of Green Energy and specifically Solar Energy, our company’s ambition is to create a portfolio of Photovoltaic Parks with around 100 MW capacity.
More information about our project both under construction and operation can be found in our website’s tab (OUR PROJECTS)

The maintenance process is pivotal for the life of a Photovoltaic Park. A photovoltaic park operates at full efficiency only when monitored and maintained. The Park must be well managed, keeping down intrusive plants and protecting the park from birds and rodents that can cause significant damage to cabling and panels. 

Abio Greenergy has designed systems to address all of this issues by providing professional monitoring and maintenance of the Photovoltaic Park.

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Professional Consultation for Investments in the Green Energy Sector

Our Company is delighted to provide potential investors and/or partners with professional consultation in the sector of Green Energy and specifically the development of Photovoltaic Parks in Cyprus.

Our team’s experience, reputation and strategic partnerships, can assist investors and partners who are looking to become part of the Green Energy Industry in Cyprus, a promising sector for the future.

More information about our professional consultation can be found on the second tab of our photovoltaic services section Professional Consultation for PV Parks

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Supply of Electricity from 100% Renewable Energy Sources

Our Company, Abio Distribution Ltd is holder of a License issued by the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) to Supply Electricity to end consumers during the Transitional Period of Electricity Market.

Abio Distribution Ltd :

  • Supply of electricity to the end consumer – 100% from RES.
  • Purchase of electricity from RES for the purpose of supplying electricity to the end consumer.
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