Our vision

Our Vision is to transform Cyprus into a Green Energy model country. Our ambition, is to inspire and encourage the use of renewable energy sources and sustainable practices in our society, by becoming a leading energy producer and supplier. Our experienced team works incessantly to guarantee that our future customers will be able to enjoy our supply of energy experience which aims to deliver a next-generation platform enabling our future customers to purchase energy from us in the best possible prices. Our target is to contribute significantly Cyprus’ goals achievement in green development.

Our company

Abio Greenergy Ltd is a leading company in the Renewable Energy sector in Cyprus. Our Company provides a variety of services in the Green Energy sector with its ultimate aim to assist in the mission of a Greener future. Abio Greenergy’s core business sector focuses on the development of large scale Photovoltaics (PV) Parks in Cyprus. Our Company is one of the few distribution license holders in Cyprus, providing the ultimate experience of electricity distribution. We, as renewable asset developer strive to maintain our reputation in the field of Renewable Energy by growing our wide portfolio of projects.

About Us

Abio Greenergy LTD today has earned it’s trust and respect with it’s development and manufacturing of the photovoltaic (PV) glass for buildings. The PV Glass is used as a building material combining the function of an energy – generating device, which captures the sunlight and converts it into electricity.
Among other Certifications, achievements Abio Greenergy LTD, provides unique photovoltaic pavers, which are used as terrace floor and other outdoor surfaces. Additionally, it is worth mentioning the option of photovoltaic ventilated facade system, that can be individually customized for your building to provide additional improvement of its energy efficiency, decrease O&M costs and reduce carbon dioxide emission.

Choose an Experienced Partner When Investing in Solar Parks in Cyprus

Planning and implementing a solar photovoltaic system requires experience. First, an investor must know how much land to commit to a photovoltaic park. A park of 2.5 to 3.3 hectares will produce one megawatt. The one megawatt mark makes the park worthy of notice by utilities in the market for solar power. The more efficient a park, the less land is required to produce one megawatt of energy. Work with an expert in planning photovoltaic parks to ensure an efficient design.

Second, an investor must know how much to invest in a photovoltaic park for each megawatt. Some sources recommend planning around one million euroes for each megawatt of power anticipated. This cost has fallen over the last twenty years. An expert will know how to take advantage of cost reductions as the technology advances.

Third, not all land has enough sun to be a good candidate for a photovoltaic park. Know the solar potential of hectarage before signing a purchase agreement for hectarage. Look for a partner who has assessed the solar potential of land in all climates and hemispheres. We, at Abiogreen already have a list of land that meets the criteria for a solar photovoltaic system in Cyprus.

Fourth, a photovoltaic park must have access to the power grid to sell electricity. Do not invest in land with great solar potential that stands a distance from the power grid. One successful park shares infrastructure with a farm of wind turbines. We at Abio Greenergy know the ideal locations for accessing the power grid.

Fifth, photovoltaic parks fall under the regulation of numerous governmental agencies. CERA, EAC, Town Planning and Municipalities for Building Permit have the clout to sink a photovoltaic project fast in Cyprus. Abio Greenergy has government contacts. Work with a partner who has successfully navigated the permitting process before. Work with a partner that has made alliances with communities. A “Not In My Backyard” protest can scuttle a project. Experienced implementation partners know how to work with the neighbors.

Sixth, photovoltaic engineering advances every month. Abio Greenergy knows how to deploy the most reliable, modern photovoltaic designs. The right design with the right equipment squeezes out those extra megawatts.

Last, a photovoltaic park operates at full efficiency only when monitored and maintained. The hectarage must be well managed, keeping down intrusive plants. Birds and rodents can cause damage to cabling and panels. The park must be secured against intrusion, vandalism and sabotage. Physical barriers and security monitoring protect investment and return on investment. Acts of nature must not be allowed to take the park off grid. Continuous monitoring of electrical output identifies issues immediately. Alerts can prompt action before a serious loss of wattage occurs. Abio Greenergy already has designed systems to address all of these issues.

The rewards of investing in parks for photovoltaic systems far outweigh the risks. The future shows that the solar power sector will grow at a steep rate. Reach out to Abio Greenergy to capitalize upon the opportunities. Reach out today.


Amorphous silicon
Amorphous silicon glass offers the perfect combination between aesthetics and functionality. This solar PV glass shows the same mechanical properties as a conventional, architectural glass used in construction. It follows the most stringent safety standards in construction, required for architectural glass. However, in addition, it also generates free and clean energy thanks to the sun (active solar properties). It can also be customized in terms of shape, color, size, thickness, and semi-transparency degrees. It works very well under diffuse light conditions (overcast).

Crystalline Silicon
Crystalline Silicon glass offers a greater power installed per SqFt compared to amorphous Silicon glass. This means that under direct sunlight, crystalline Silicon generates twice+ more power than amorphous Silicon.
Accordingly, this PV Glass technology is ideal for those projects that seek maximum energy generation, and are well oriented towards the Sun.
Crystalline Silicon technology is popularly used on canopy and skylight applications, spandrel glass, solid walls, and guardrails.
This PV glass shows the same mechanical properties as a conventional, architectural glass used in construction. However, in addition, it also generates free and clean energy thanks to the sun (active properties).

Conventional outdoor paver systems are rather expensive and they do not necessarily bring additional sustainability features to your building. PV pavers, however, generate a great amount of power, cut emissions, and let more users install power in their rooftop and terrace space, since its installation is much less intrusive compared to a conventional system.

Abio Greenergy is a pioneer in the development of a photovoltaic kit that enables outdoor furniture to generate clean, free energy from the sun. In this way, tables, canopies, benches, poles, floors and other furniture become solar chargers for users to feed their electronic devices. Convenience and environment meet at our coffee tables.


Create production of clean, free electricity TO COVER 25% OF ENERGY CONSUMED BY THE BUILDING AND INCREASE YOUR building permit by 5%